About Us

Manufacturing of premium safety guarding for existing bulk material handling equipment is our business. For 30 years Belt Conveyor Guarding helps companies all over North America to keep their workers safe. We provide compliant, ergonomic and user-friendly guarding!

Having compliant guards is vital. However, we believe that modern and innovative guarding must go beyond just being compliant. It has to add value by making equipment maintenance fast and hassle-free! Thus, the benefits of our guards include, but not limited to:

  • guards are designed for your specific applications
  • guards are easily handled by just one person
  • guards can be removed and installed in seconds (not hours)

Not sure where to start or which guard is suitable for your specific application? Our team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals will answer all of your technical questions and recommend the best solution.

By giving Belt Conveyor Guarding an opportunity to work on your guarding project, you choose to join hundreds of clients, who are already saving thousands of dollars annually. Contact us and start saving today!

Our Core Values

We strongly believe that the following set of core values allows BCG to maintain the leading position on the market:

  • Walk The Talk: We do what we say and always make it right
  • No Half-Ass: We accept nothing short of perfect
  • Every Level of Service Matters: We surpass customers’ expectations every step of the way
  • We Are Different: Simply because we innovate, and we lead


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