Machine Guarding Risk Assessment and Management

As a starting point in developing an effective safety guarding policy, a machine guarding risk assessment is a great tool that will discover potential areas of risk. As a result of our risk assessment, you will be able to ensure compliance and educate stakeholders on proper safety guarding practices and procedures.

Guarding Specialists Will:

  • Come to site
  • Meet with stakeholders to review the assessment plan
  • Assess the equipment guarding that is determined by the plan
  • Take pictures of all equipment that requires guarding
  • Measure areas to ensure a tight, secure fit
  • Recommend guarding upgrades based on either MSHA, OSHA or CSA Standards

Guarding Assessment Report Includes:

  • Itemized report showing pictures of non-compliant guarding
  • Description of guarding deficiencies
  • Itemized quote showing the cost to replace defective guarding

Other Benefits Also Include:

  • Discover solutions to reduce unnecessary workplace injuries
  • Developing a stronger understanding of the standardized requirements and scope of a tailored guarding project
  • Eliminating ineffective guarding systems and ensuring industry compliance
  • Increased productivity as a result

Our Services Include:

    • Risk Identification
    • Risk Management
    • Cost Projections & Breakdown
    • Customized Guarding Designs
    • Fabrication of Custom Guarding
    • On-Site Equipment Measurements and Photography
    • On-Site Technical Installation Support

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