Guardsmart 130 – Shortcuts may save you time – THIS TIME


Shortcuts may save you time – THIS TIME

Did you know that accidents are caused by only two things – unsafe acts or practices, and unsafe conditions? Did you also know that 9 out of every 10 accidents are the result of unsafe acts, or things we do even though we know better?

So why do we expose ourselves to injury every day?

Because we take shortcuts.

  • To get the job done faster.
  • It will only take a minute.
  • No one will see me.
  • Nothing will happen to me.

When it comes to safety, each time we take a shortcut you also risk cutting your career short by suffering a significant injury – or even death.

So how do we eliminate taking shortcuts?

  • By allowing enough time to complete the task safely.
  • Take time to lock out/tag out equipment.
  • Use fall protection equipment.
  • Follow safe work procedures, and wear proper PPE.
  • Ensure you have proper safety guarding in place!


Having proper safety guarding not only prevents workers from contacting hazards, but they also eliminate the ability and urge to take shortcuts.

Your Stories:

A worker was working alone attempting to clear a blockage on a conveyor belt when the accident occurred. It appeared that the workers’ jacket had gotten caught and tangled up in the drive shaft, pulling the worker forcefully down to the surface of the conveyor belt. He likely suffocated in that position, and because he was working alone, no one was around to attempt a rescue. The worker was later found dead. The worker did not stop the belt prior to attempting to clear the blockage.

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