GuardSmart 133 – How do you verify your guarding is compliant?


How do you verify your guarding is compliant?

By law, machine safety guarding must prevent anybody from not only being able to reach through to the hazard but also must prevent them from reaching over, under or around the guarding.

The Safety Gauge is essential for the design, installation, and inspection of guarding systems. It ensures that the openings adhere to all appropriate machine guarding safety standards. These standards are used to determine guard mounting distances based on the maximum opening sizes in the guarding.  This ensures that any body part which can fit through the mesh won’t be able to contact the machinery inside.

While distance from the point of operation is critical, it is not the only factor to consider when selecting mesh opening size. Visibility, air flow and clean-out all play a significant role in safety guarding functionality.

As a way to continue to spread industry safety guarding standards and to help keep workers safe around moving machinery, Belt Conveyor Guarding is pleased to provide a free safety gauge to our valued email subscribers. Request yours here.  

Your Stories:

A worker lost part of his fingers when his hand was sucked into a rotating metal blade at work. “When he placed his right hand on the guard to check the vibration, the power from the fan sucked his hand inwards, pulling his fingers through the gaps in the safety guard and severing the tops of three of his fingers about halfway between the two knuckles… It turned out that the gaps between the mesh of the guard were much larger than they should have been, and the guard was far too close to the fan to prevent the fingers of anyone operating the generator from being sucked through into the rotating blades…Had the correct guard been in place the accident would have been avoided entirely.”[i]

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