Guards for Chain, Belt, & Gear Drives in Power Transmission Systems

V-Belt Guards safeguard your chain, belt and gear drive power transmission systems by preventing access to exposed pinch-points around belts, fans drives, compressors, and crushers.

Please watch the V-Belt Guard Overview Video below.

 Design Benefits

    • The enclosed design increases belt and sheave life.
    • Sectional design and removable panels allow easy installation and access for maintenance or inspection.
    • External bolt flanges on top and bottom increase accessibility when removing sections.
    • Optional black mesh increases visibility.
    • Adjustable shaft covers move to adjust with the motor when tensioning the belt.
    • Shaft covers are telescopic to ensure there are not exposed rotating shafts.

Custom fit for each application.Optional black mesh increases visibility through the guard to allow for inspection without removing the guard.V-belt guards can be mounted in a variety of orientations.

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